Valkyrie Logistics UK – Used Car Export UK

Valkyrie Logistics - Used Car and Truck Export UK

What we do

Used cars and truck export from the UK

We specialise in the purchasing and logistics of used cars and trucks from to UK to remote parts of the world including Africa. We take care of the sourcing, purchasing, shipping, clearance and delivery of used vehicles and trucks, Contact us today for more info.

Spares and parts export from the UK

Valkyrie Logistics can source, check, ship and deliver spares and parts for vehicles and trucks to the most remote corners of the world. Contact us today and get the appropriate spares delivered to your doorstep. We have streamlined the process to ensure that you get the parts you need, when you need it, wherever you are.

Retail Product Purchasing and Delivery

Valkyrie Logistics makes it possible for you to purchase from Argos, Amazon, eBay and many more and to top that up with more good news is that you will enjoy 0% commission on the price you see on the online stores you wish to purchase from. We do the purchasing and delivery of any product you wish to buy online

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